Sunday, September 25, 2011

Terrence Parker Music News (October 2011)

Terrence Parker (aka TP) will now label all of his remix projects with the tag, "You've Been TP'ed". This will be the way his fans can quickly identify a project remixed by Terrence Parker. So keep your eyes open for new releases tagged as "You've Been TP'ed" for some amazing music!

Parker Music Works digital label has signed a new distribution deal with Symphonic Distribution. Under this new deal, music released on the PMW label will be available on many online stores and mobile phone networks including: Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Juno, Beatport, and many others throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia (including China).

Released September 16 on the Parker Music Works label is the song "Yesterday". This is a Drum n Bass track collaboration by Rueben Kane of London/UK & Coco Street of Los Angeles/USA. You may purchase this release by using this link:

Terrence Parker's classic hit "Love's Got Me High" will soon be released with new remixes by Marc Romboy & Jimpster on Systematic Recordings out of Germany ( The promos are being well received by DJs worldwide and is being featured on many radio shows including The Essential Mix Show on BBC radio in the UK. Here is a link to one of the remixes:

Terrence Parker is back with the latest installment of his popular vinyl ep series "Music Works Vol # 3" ( This project features tracks by producers James Sims (of Benton Harbor/USA), DJ Mo Reese (of Cincinnati/USA), and DJ Leandre (of Paris/FRANCE). All 3 tracks on this EP have been TP'ed (remixed/re-edited) by Terrence Parker. The vinyl ep will be released in late October (date to be determined). This project will also be released digitally on October 7.

Parker Music Works will digitally release a classic project called The Polartronics vs Tralopscinor EP on September 30, 2011. This project was produced by Terrence Parker and features legendary Detroit Techno musician & graphic design artist Chris Shivers. For more in see the following promo link:

Another classic Chris Shivers project coming soon on vinyl is called "The Deep" by Polartronics. "The Deep" is one of the most saught after Detroit Techno releases. This special re-release also features the classic Chris Shivers track, "Always Did Always Will" by Tralopscinor. Both tracks were produced by Terrence Parker. This project will be released on vinyl in early October 2011. For more info about this release see the following link:

Stay tuned for more news about upcoming releases from Terrence Parker and Parker Music Works! Also be sure to check out for updates about TP's DJing schedule and events!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm looking for Jerry Maguire!

I'm looking for Jerry Maguire because I need a booking agent for the USA, but I can't seem to find him (or her).

Here is what Jerry looks like:

If you ARE Jerry, or if you know WHERE I can find Jerry, please contact me at