Sunday, June 23, 2013

Parker Music Works presents BlaZin' HOTTT tracks OUT NOW!!!

Here are some BlaZin' HOTTT Tracks OUT NOW presented by PARKER MUSIC WORKS!!!

"UNDERGROOV" which is written, produced, arranged, mixed, and conceived by Detroit's own MERACHKA! Also available now is the anthem track "GOD LOVES DETROIT" produced by Terrence Parker for the LOST ARTICLES! Both "UnderGroov" and "GOD Loves Detroit" are getting lots of spins by many DJs worldwide! If you don't have these gems yet, get them today from your favorite online music store. Here are a few suggestions:  
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Terrence Parker has mixed a new collection of songs to encourage, uplift, and inspire you this summer called
"TP's Gospel House Mix June 2013 CD"
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