Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Terrence Parker - "Pentecost" (remixes by Traumer & Terrence Parker)

"Pentecost" featured on Terrence Parker's 2014 album 'Life on the Back 9', and this single features three remixes of the track; one from Terrence himself and two from French producer Traumer. Terrence Parker's Acts 2-1 Remix stays close to the original, maintaining the style that conveys the positivity of the church inspired lyrics with music designed for the dancefloor. The Traumer Remix has a far darker tone as the higher pitched intense backing from the original is replaced with a deep baseline and tribal sounding drum beat, offering a different type of intensity. Traumer's Reduced Remix is a completely stripped down version of his previous remix, with the spoken vocal removed whilst maintaining the tribal sounding drum to create a dark, techno track. 

"Pentecost" is available today at: 

Terrence Parker 'Pentecost' 
1. Pentecost (Terrence Parker's Acts 2-1 Remix) 
2. Pentecost (Traumer Remix) 
3. Pentecost (Traumer Reduced Remix) 

Written, Arranged, Produced & Mixed by Terrence Parker. Track 1 Additional Production & Mix by Terrence Parker. Track 2 & 3 Remix & Additional Production by Romain Reynaud. Published by Seven Grand (BMI)/EPROM (BMI) P&C 2015 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Planet E, Inc.

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